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Discover the best Indie games at Thumb Arcade

Thumb Arcade is a place where like-minded thumbs gather to find, play and share the best Indie games on the market. We don’t clutter the view with ads or non-game apps. It is pure, simple gaming at it’s finest.

Thumbs everywhere are tired of “top lists” and tired of searching for great games – only to be let down. We all just want to play games; great, fun, creative, quirky, wonderful games. But no one should have to search through a million choices, right? It’s madness.

You’ll find amazing Indie produced games here, and nothing else. You can visit the site from your phone, your tablet (iPad or other) and your computer. It’s beautiful, fun to explore and it’s easy. When you create an account you get a seamless experience on any device. We thumbs aim to please so we’ll show you suggested game options that correlate with your tastes and are available only on the devices you own! No extra sorting, no thumb disappointed. Would you expect anything less from us Thumbs?

One of the best parts of Thumb Arcade is that you get to connect with the Thumb Arcade Developer who made your game. We give you the information about those behind the curtain enabling you to follow them here and on social sites. And, most importantly, you can share about them with friends.

Thumb Arcade exists so that you find great games. It’s simple. It’s what gaming was meant to be. So, start playing, start sharing and start a revolution. A revolution of Indie game joy.

Play Indie.
Two thumbs up! –– Thumb Arcade
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